Nurse's Notes for Wanamassa Elementary School

Wanamassa Elementary School Health Guidelines

The children will have their hearing, vision, and blood pressure screenings completed during the school year.   Per school policy, first and third graders will have both hearing and vision screenings, and second and fourth graders will have only hearing screenings.   If the need for further evaluation by your private physician is determined, a letter will be sent home directly to you.

When returning to school, here are a few reminders to help keep both you and your children healthy.
1. Remind children to wash and dry hands frequently! Hand- sanitizer is a great item to keep in the car or in book-bags, should you need to wash and not be near a restroom. Please remember to pack travel sized tissues and Chapstick in your child’s book-bag so if needed they are readily available.

2. Encourage your children to get enough rest.   Limit sleepovers and extra-curricular activities.   When children (and adults) are run down, this increases the susceptibility to illness!

3. Try to provide extra fluids for snack and lunch times. Gatorade, water, and 100% fruit juices are healthy choices.   Hydration can lessen the severity of colds, or flu that we are exposed to!

If your child does become ill with a fever, cough, rash, pink eye, strep throat, stomach bug or just not him/herself, please remember to keep them home from school. This can prevent the transmission of colds, viruses, the flu and bacterial infections. They can return when symptom free for a complete 24 hours and without fever medication given. Please report absences to the main office at 732- 531-5700 ext. 4000, or to my office at 732-531-5700 ext. 4010. You do not need to call both offices.   If a communicable illness is suspected, your child will be sent home from school in accordance with school policy. By keeping your ill child home from school, it can help to prevent others from getting sick and also shorten the illness of your child. Have on hand Tylenol, Advil or Motrin as well as soups, ice-pops and Jello.
4. Unfortunately, lice are a common back to school occurrence.   It is usually contracted over the summer at camps, sleep-overs and close proximity to other children when items such as hats, combs, head-sets and towels are shared. When students return to school, they complain of an itchy head to their teacher and are sent to the nurse where it’s assessed to be present or not.   A letter will be sent home regarding this issue as needed throughout the school year, if it occurs in your child’s classroom.

5. If your child has any serious injury, surgery or is hospitalized, a note from your child’s physician/ER is required to return to school.   The note should indicate if there are any limitations, exclusion from physical education, use of crutches or elevator requirement, and when your child is allowed to participate in all school activities.

6. Per NJ State Law and Ocean Township School District Policy, documentation of all immunizations is required at the time of your child’s registration. All new students are also required to have an entry physical exam by their physician or nurse practitioner dated no more than 365 days prior to entry. Your child does get a 30 day grace period from their entry date, to provide this information to the school nurse. After the 30 days, your child will be excluded from school. Physical forms and a list of Community Health Centers are on the Wanamassa Elementary School Nurse website if needed.

Lastly, have a safe and healthy school year.   If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me at 732-531-5700 ext. 4010.

Valerie Boodaghians, BSN, RN, NJ-CSN
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